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initially brought on to re-brand wallplay, my tenure at the company included two subsequent rebrands and also expanded in my role as creative director to really push culture forward, in our many gallery and pop-up locations in nyc. this included a wide range of responsibilities from curation, exhibition design, production, and brand/artist match making, to content creation, presentation design, web design. and social media strategy. suffice to say i wore many hats, and am beyond proud of what we achieved, what we nurtured, and the relationships we were ableto foster and facilitate. wallplay was a true labor of love that gave a platform to many emerging artists, musicians, fashion brands, designers and start-ups the opportunity to exhibit and be counted in nyc’s competitive brick and mortar landscape. large brands that were seeking creative collaboration were drawn to wallplay because it allowed them to work (and be seen) adjacently to up-and-coming artists and art culture. wallplay offered the intangible “cool factor” that many brands chase. my experience there was wildly multifaceted and exhilarating. from incubating at new inc to launching and running oncanal, wallplay was a place of great creativity, collaboration, and networking. 

clients/collaborators 2015-2019: nike, kidsuper, wu tang clan, coors, smirnoff, reese's, tom dixon, kia, complex, the lot radio, gypsy sport, telfar, stussy, gufram, toilet paper magazine, wheels up, untitled art fair, tim and eric, fka twigs, the 1975, the strokes, the hole gallery, matthew stone, rachel rossin, clockwork cros, dev hynes, jen stark, signe pierce, kim shui, natalie white, johnathon rosen, gazoo to the moon, eckhaus latta, slam jam socialism, anne spalter, patrick church, nyfw, landlord, vaquera, new inc, matchaful, tunica, foo/skou, nitemind, low res, moral turgeman, rad mora, jenna josepher, jacuzzi world, gordon berger, sandy liang, illy, beheld 3d, miaou, dan bassini, katsu, adrian yu, caroline larsen, packer, and many, many more.

wallplay billboard, 118 orchard st

wallplay brand bible (wallplay, oncanal, wallplay south street seaport & wallplay williamsburg at 25 kent)

118 orchard st location, wallplay banner.

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