da nie l cla r k. co

When 2MR approached me to design a new logo for them, I was honored, excited and honestly prepared. I had been thinking for quite a while about what an update to 2MR branding might look like, and I immediately began sketching a few ideas. Funnily enough my initial instinct was the idea we ended up going with. I have always loved aboriginal drawings of animals and the connection with 90s rave graphics, tribal patterns and the like. With Adam being from Australia, it felt like the right direction to create a logo that felt zoomorphic and typographic while pulling from those inspirations. The new 2MR word/bird mark is what flowed into my initial sketching of those ideas. I am beyond thrilled that Adam saw the vision and allowed me to flex and develop that idea. 2MR means a great deal to me and I cant wait to see how the label continues to develop and grow from here.

2MR pool float :)

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